Questions that Biden is mentally fit for presidency

I’m alarmed at the media’s repeated sidestepping of President Biden’s mental health.

Even before Biden became president, I questioned his stability.

I went back and looked at press conferences he held 10 years ago. There was no doubt that Biden was significantly more mentally fit. If you don’t believe me, check out the videos.

When I called a former U.S. senator a year ago because I was concerned about Biden’s mental health to run for public office, the Democrat said, “Joe’s OK.”

Biden has lost much of his extemporaneous speaking ability. Now, he stumbles all over himself.

Sources inside the White House say his aides are scrambling to figure out what to do.

Vice President Kamala Harris is taking some calls from world leaders that Biden should be handling.

The media must stop apologizing and ask whether President Biden is fit to hold office.

If the so-called “free press” continues skirting this presidential issue, we have lost our democracy and our country.

Our nation is at risk!

Steve Hildebrand



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