Assumption tourism mainstay of economy

I just read that Maui is considering charging tourists to park at public beaches.

I was under the assumption that tourism is a main contributor to the Maui economy.

Tourists are already paying huge taxes on lodging, rental cars, airport taxes, etc., and now could be hit with parking at public beaches. Tourists are already being charged to park at Big Beach.

I thought that after the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy on Maui was hurting from the lack of tourists. This is not the way to bring tourism back to the island.

I have been coming to Maui yearly since 1968. The last 20 years, I’ve been coming to Maui twice a year and the last 14 years, staying for two months each visit. I, for one, will be discontinuing my trips to the Valley Isle, if tourists are now going to be charged to go to our favorite public beaches.

I am sorry to say that because Maui has become my second home, but I will not pay to park at a public beach.

I hope Maui will reconsider yet another charge for tourists, and remember tourism is a big income for the economy of Maui and its residents.

Edward L. Renner

Ukiah, Calif.


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