Very little seasonal flu but plenty of coronavirus

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter saying that I had never heard anyone explain how masks work to prevent the spread of COVID and asked if any readers knew the answer to please write in and explain.

A few days ago, a reader in Makawao was kind enough to respond. He explained that masks block droplets, thereby stopping the wearer from spreading COVID.

But people don’t just exhale droplets, which are only created when you cough or sneeze. Most of the time you exhale air, which can contain the virus, that is not in droplets. And unfortunately, his last paragraph explains how masks are so porous that the COVID virus can easily pass right though them making the mask useless against COVID.

So, I am confused about his logic and still have not heard a reasonable explanation of how masks work to prevent the spread of COVID.

As a side note, interestingly, there has been very little seasonal flu this year. It is being speculated that this is because everyone is wearing masks. However, there has been plenty of COVID spreading around, so logic would imply that apparently masks are effective against the seasonal flu, but not very effective in stopping the spread of COVID.

Bill Meyer



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