Council needs to do its job and quickly

I agree with Mayor Victorino’s veto of the 75 percent affordable housing requirement for new developments proposed by some council members.

If we learn nothing from past history, we are doomed to repeat its mistakes, in this case even more severely than before.

Because many council members are young and inexperienced, they are repeating old mistakes. Learn from the past.

It looks good on the surface but solves nothing. It will create no new homes. It will not increase inventory. It will not zone one square foot of land for housing. It is, in short, shibai. Something for others to tackle, not the council’s responsibility. Problem solved. Wrong.

The council is responsible for solving the housing crisis. It must identify and zone new lands for residential housing. It’s their responsibility. It’s that simple. What inventory of newly zoned lands have they created in the last 10 years? Zero.

The nine community plans should be done by now. They have barely gotten started. That is where the real solutions rest.

Do your job and quickly. Create housing in the plans. Approve them. Support them with zoning and infrastructure. Then get out of the way and watch the private sector solve the problem. They will do it faster, smarter, cheaper, better than government housing ever can.

Wayne Hedani



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