George Floyd no hero; there’s no systemic racism

On George Floyd’s death, I’m agnostic as to cause.

I would be willing to entertain an involuntary manslaughter charge, however.

Everyone on the left seems to have given no thought to the facts, many on tape, that occurred prior to the knee.

For those who do look into it, and can look with an open mind, reasonable doubt is clearly something that should’ve been considered.

If you believe the trial was a fair one, then America is in big trouble. That statement was rhetorical. From the White House, to state and local governments, to the lowest person on the media totem pole, every single one spoke and prayed for a guilty verdict. Witnesses were intimidated. Jurors left with the fear that they would be harassed, or worse, for the rest their lives.

Although the left, and its media partners, continue to push racism as the sole reason for Floyd’s death, to date there has not been one fact shown to prove racism.

The left, BLM and the mainstream media tout Floyd as a hero. They want Black people to look up to him and realize this is what systemic racism looks like, even though systemic racism doesn’t really exist.

Lastly, Floyd was everything you wouldn’t want your child to be. The saddest part is if he had just not resisted, he would be alive today. And the left would not have a martyr to promote their agenda to destroy America.

Bill Botts



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