GOP for Trump, wealthy, leaving democracy behind

We are engaged in a civil war between the GOP, today the Grandiose Oligarchy Party, and democracy.

With the use of gerrymandering to suppress voter’s rights, the party of Trump is attacking our democracy.

With the electoral college, Rhode Island has more than twice as many votes per person as the average state. Montana has 177 percent and Idaho 157 percent.

The gerrymandering goal is to draw boundaries of legislative districts so that as many seats as possible may be won by the Republican Party’s candidates supported by the wealthiest 1 percent of the population and its corporations.

The corporations have bought many of these politicians and have Mitch McConnell (net worth $34 million) as the Republican head of the Senate to block any legislation passed by House Democrats.

The voice of the people is being silenced. Democrats support health care for all and tax breaks for the lower and middle class. Republicans only support tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

Thanks to “Citizens United” U.S. Supreme Court ruling, corporations were able to spend $30 billion on the 2020 elections for their supporters. The insurance industry and big pharma are also major supporters here, including the CEO of Pfizer that makes $26.7 million a year.

This party of Trump is trying to turn our democracy into an oligarchy, where the wealthiest and their corporations rule our country and the rest of us are expected to obey.

Harlan Hughes



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