‘Junk’ on beach road needs to be removed

Oahu has an illegal junkyard and now, Maui does, too.

A television station reported Monday that an illegal junkyard in Pearl City finally got the attention of the city when neighbors complained about the burned-out cars, sofas and mountains of trash there.

I have written Mayor Victorino twice in the past two months, notifying him about a similar despicable eyesore of burned-out vehicles and piles of rubbish at the northern end of Kahului Beach Road, where it meets up with Waiehu Beach Road and Lower Main.

Over the weekend, there was a flatbed trailer moving precariously along the shoreline where there is no road. Were they adding to a campsite or depositing more rubbish?

People are living in cars there, sheltering beneath tarps. It’s an unholy, unsanitary, unhealthy, unsightly and illegal mess.

Come on, Mayor Victorino. Do something!

Kathleen Kastles



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