Illegal transient rentals root of tourism surplus

Mr. Victorino, instead of asking the airlines to have fewer flights, which I am sure they got a good laugh from, why don’t you go after the root of the problem?

Illegal transient rentals are being fined heavily on Oahu. It can’t be that hard to go on an app and figure out which locations are illegal hosts.

For every illegal vacation rental, there’s one less spot for a local to live. Maybe 100’s of local generational families won’t have to move to the Mainland each year if you take some initiative.

Maybe pay one or two of the state’s 40,000 individuals still milking unemployment because Ige and you allow the extra $300 a week to continue because we all know the left loves controlling how much money, EBT and health care each of us receive.

Mr. Victorino, you have previously mentioned how Maui is meant for the wealthy. Well, here is your opportunity to do something about it. Let’s face it, transient rentals are a great opportunity for people to travel, but it does very little for our local economy and makes rent unaffordable. We want tourists that do activities and spend money, not tourists using their Southwest points to get to their shared bedroom in a vacation rental and take up all the beach parking by 8:30 a.m.

Andrew Mantz,



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