Supreme Court decision chance to right wrongs

Maui Planning Commission has been given a golden opportunity to benefit our community and help right the wrongs committed with the recent Hawai’i Supreme Court decision against the Stanford Carr Kahoma Village project.

If the commissioners avoid responsibility and seek ways to circumvent the law, it leads to distrust and implications of corruption. The resolution needs to be radically impactful to deter future offenses and ensure justice is served.

Irreparable damage to historical places must stop. Hopefully, the county’s new archaeologist will help protect what the State Historic Preservation Department has been unable to, as evident in this case. Now, when developers fail to disclose pertinent information, there is another layer of protection.

The resolution should entail funding for the development of a public historical park. Views from the park could overlook David Malo’s homestead along with the famous battleground and the ‘Alamihi Fishpond, now the location of Kahoma Village.

Besides ensuring Lahaina has a public park and historic preservation, the commission can help the developer make good on his promises of building affordable workforce housing.

Since the court ruled against them, this gives Stanford Carr a second chance to make right the “injustice” done to the “families who were to be Kahoma Village owners” by building houses for “the 50-plus Maui families who lost their opportunity to purchase a home.” (Viewpoint 3/19/21)

There is hope justice will prevail. They just need to do the right thing.

Michele Lincoln



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