Fee for climate change in House reconciliation

I appreciated the Maui News article about the House Reconciliation Bill progress, which was detailed and revealing.

It included questions about how the costs could be paid for and answers. Another answer is that the war in Afghanistan will free us from that expense.

I know that the party line on the right is that we can’t afford these costs, but our citizens really will benefit in so many ways, it is exciting to contemplate.

I must add that the climate-change measures need to include a carbon fee, and a cash-back or dividend to households to pay for the increased costs of this fee. Sen. Brian Schatz has a bill that includes this. Rep. Kai Kahele has co-sponsored the similar Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, and it is hoped that Rep. Ed Case and Sen. Mazie Hirono will also get on board as well, since they are also concerned about the climate crisis and need to learn why a carbon fee is necessary and endorsed by so many economists.

Bobbie Best



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