Will new health pass ultimately backfire?

Aloha mai kakou. I am very concerned that Mayor Victorino’s new health pass, being less restrictive than the O’ahu Safe Access Plan, will ultimately backfire and negatively impact the health and safety of Maui County residents.

The anti-vax crowd will be coming to Maui to avoid the restrictions in Honolulu, leading to even more overcrowding, and from the element that refuses to use safety measures, including masks. This same element is what makes our grocery stores so dangerous. Residents can choose to avoid restaurants, but we need to be able to buy food.

The Maui plan should not allow people lacking proof of vaccination or a negative test to use outside restaurant seating. Outside seating is at a premium here. Under this plan, the unvaccinated/untested would ultimately dominate the outside tables.

Think of what happened when smokers were allowed to eat outside in restaurants; they took over and made it uncomfortable and dangerous to eat outside. In addition, people are encouraged by science to eat outside whether they are vaccinated or not, so taking that option away from vaccinated/tested is actually penalizing them.

Mayor Victorino was not elected to safeguard the visitor industry, but rather to serve and protect the residents of Maui County. Whatever COVID health and safety restrictions he imposes should be science-based, and not prioritize the convenience of visitors, or of those who choose not to vaccinate, over the health of the community.

Kai Duponte



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