Benefit of vaccines outweighs risks

Edward Jenner in 1796 started the smallpox vaccine. A brilliant man.

Smallpox was documented in Egyptian mummies in 3000 B.C. In India 1500 B.C. it was also evident. In 1967, smallpox was mostly eliminated in the U.S. and Europe because of the success of vaccines.

Other countries in Africa, Asia and South Africa still had occurring cases of smallpox because of lack of vaccines. The World Health Organization made it possible for all people to have access to smallpox vaccine like it does today for the COVID-19 vaccine.

In 1971, smallpox was just about eliminated. All vaccines will affect a very small percentage of people with adverse results. But the overall outcome of vaccines is for humanity of all the people’s health and welfare around the world.

Terao Nakasone



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