Bike tours disaster waiting to happen

How many more innocent people need to be critically injured or killed before the state gets involved?

The bike tours are a disaster waiting to happen; half the riders haven’t been on a bike in years, some never.

Put them in a full-face helmet that takes away their peripheral view and their ability to look behind them. Then throw them onto some of the narrowest roads with no bike lanes (Kula and Haiku). It’s a miracle people don’t die every day.

In 2015, there were three people killed in one month and the bike tours were shut down for evaluation. Who in the world would then decide to open the tours again? Let alone decide that now they will start the tour at the midway ranger station and send them down the narrow, winding roads in Kula and Haiku.

It’s crazy. The bike tour should start at the summit and end at the tree line just above the last house on Crater Road. The roads up there have less traffic and everyone is there for the same reason, to enjoy Haleakala crater

It is time to look at the statistics and stop turning your back to the facts. People are being seriously injured and killed on these bike tours.

The state should put a bike road in from top to bottom just for bikers and the tours and charge the bike tours to use it.

Brett Lickle



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