Vaccination opinions just more misinformation

Recent letter writers exclaim that everyone should get vaccinated to stop the spread of COVID, and that people should be forced to get vaccinated against their will.

How interesting. What facts do you have to support your demands and assertions?

Who are you to perpetuate half-truths and lies by making such statements? Your “opinions” are nothing more than misinformation. Where are the censors? Funny how “misinformation” goes one way and one way only. Censorship of anyone who disagrees with the narrative is infuriating and it should never be accepted.

The hypocrisy of the left and the mindless sheep that follow them would be laughable if it wasn’t restricting the rest of us who are able to think for themselves. If so many on the left don’t like America and the Constitution, then how about you all leave it alone and go live somewhere else?

Have you seen that movie “Idiocracy”? It was years ahead of its time and seems more and more like a documentary than nonfiction. Maybe Nostradamus wrote it and foresaw the 2020 election and the countless lies and failures of the Democratic Party.

Please find somewhere else to live that you can destroy and leave America to those of us who enjoy thinking. Not agreeing with your selfishness doesn’t make us wrong. It makes you a child who will throw tantrums until you all get your way.

Kapena Hill



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