Mayor trying to keep us all out of hospital

I like the mayor. I think he is doing an amazing job under the most difficult circumstances. He is being hit from all sides with competing demands from various groups of residents on how he should best be handling the COVID pandemic. Not an easy job, now a lot harder.

Maui Memorial Medical Center is a small, rural hospital with limited capacity. If there is another virus surge, it will not take many COVID patients to overwhelm the hospital.

Patients could end up on a gurney in the hallway or a tent outside with limited medical attention.

People will then realize it is not safe to go the hospital and will decide to stay home with serious symptoms and dire consequences. And probably infect their entire family.

The mayor is acutely aware of this, and, with county rules, he is trying desperately to keep Maui residents out of the hospital.

All the major news outlets have had bedside interviews with hospitalized COVID patients all over the country. Most were very similar.

They confirmed that they were not vaccinated nor wore masks.

Typical was: “I was stupid. I thought that because I was pretty healthy, I wouldn’t get the virus, and if I did, my symptoms would be mild.

“Besides, I didn’t like people telling me what I should or should not do.”

Most patients interviewed, all different ages, died within days of the interviews.

Bob Pure



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