Dems must preregister for precinct/district meets

On the afternoon of Jan. 30, Maui County Democratic Party of Hawaii will conduct its biannual precinct and district meetings.

District and precinct officers will be elected. Delegates to the state Democratic convention will also be elected.

All registered Democratic Party voters are welcome to attend and have their voice heard. These meetings will be by Zoom.

Precinct meetings are where participation in the Democratic Party, and in the democratic process, begins. Like a compost pile that provides nutritious mulch for large trees to grow. Unfortunately, these meetings are often poorly attended even though they are open to all Democrats in the precincts.

This year the meetings and conventions are virtual, eliminating excuses for not attending, but you must preregister at www.hawaiidemocrats.org/register before Jan. 17 (that’s Monday).

Many people have post office boxes because their mail can’t be delivered to their residential address. However, to verify that you’re a registered voter in Hawai’i, you must input your residential address.

Gabriella Kelly said, “One thing I was really struck by when I first started getting involved in politics is how much power there is in just showing up to things.” Show up at the meetings but register now.

Mike Wildberger



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