Planning to shop Foodland from now on

I am a 68-year-old kupuna, retired and living off basic SSI, Medicare and SNAP assistance.

I spent an hour shopping for healthy food from Whole Foods, buying more than $260 of quality veggies, meats, etc.

So, using my valid SNAP card, the fancy new card reader can’t read it. I mentioned to the cashier and the supervisor called for assistance. The last time this happened here, they manually input my account number.

Evidently, they can’t do it now as it’s against their policy.

I spend hundreds there monthly. I could have paid cash, but that’s not the point. Something is wrong, as my number could have been input. That’s why there’s an account number.

They had to put the food back, including the fresh meats and veggies. Where’s the wholeness in service?

Foodland from now on.

Myko Zee



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