Climate change costs in ways unrecognized

We’re aware of the usual floods, drought, fires and obvious disasters, but how much do most folks realize its impacts elsewhere?

We’re naturally concerned with inflation and want to blame it on politicians and economists, but governments should spend money to prepare for climate catastrophes and to clean them up.

For example, the Department of Defense awarded $1.9 million for Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration to Kauai, which is deserved and to be applauded. Obviously more will need to be spent to mitigate future problems and aid when problems are not averted.

NPR ran a story about how pollen was so pervasive in one area that even opening a front door invited problematic pollen dust into homes, which of course affected people’s health. NPR says, “climate change is making seasonal allergies worse.”

I read a New Yorker article about shipping containers falling into the ocean because of higher winds and less staff due to COVID-related issues. In other words, climate change is affecting our supply chain. And those who’ve been studying climate change predicted transmissible “viral sharing.”

Climate change is costing us in many ways. I urge you to let your congressional senators and representatives know how important it is to pass the budget reconciliation package because it allocates so much money for climate change.

In Hawaii, our leaders are sympathetic to this, so it’s even more important for readers to urge their contacts in red and purple states to do this.

Bobbie Best



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