Murder matter of hiding dangers of coronavirus?

Letters to the Editor

Trump has lied for many months, as he proves is true in a book, and as a result, keeping “many of his believer people” away from a situation that could have guarded many from death. Instead, he was bringing them to their death. Is that murder? I’m sure it is. What do we do with ...

Hale Mahaolu Elima grateful for gift cards

Letters to the Editor

The residents of Hale Mahaolu Elima, Senior Affordable Housing, extend a big mahalo to the County of Maui for their generous donation of Foodland gift cards. It will surely make our holidays a very nice one. Patricia Crawford Kahului

No enforcement of aerials going off in Wailea either

Letters to the Editor

I completely sympathize with Kurt Butler who wrote about the fireworks problem on Maui. Even in Wailea, we were treated to an aerial display Tuesday from Kialoa Estates that disturbed the neighborhood and frightened pets. If the police can’t enforce the Maui County laws, Kialoa ...

The State of Aloha


Strapped for cash and with his wife expecting their fifth child, the man was desperate. He decided to write a story to sell for Christmas. It took Charles Dickens six weeks to write one of the most beloved and perhaps the greatest of all Christmas stories of all time — and it has nothing to ...

Don’t give me back rent, I want to continue hiding from tax collector


Developments during this COVID crisis have brought out tax scofflaws in some of the most unexpected ways. The state has established a Rent Relief and Housing Assistance Program to help people affected by the pandemic make their rent or mortgage payments. Affected people who are making less ...

Those proposing roundabout on Piilani have head in sand

Letters to the Editor

With South Kihei Road unable to handle traffic heading south to Wailea, Piilani Highway was expanded by two lanes to a four-lane highway with the speed limit at 45 mph, but that was not good enough. Piilani was extended again, with four lanes almost to the south terminus and the speed limit ...