Maui Visitors Bureau pivots during pandemic


During this pandemic, the Maui Visitors Bureau has pretty much reinvented our normal role of marketing to play a critical role in the ongoing educational messaging to ensure the safety and health of our community as well as our visitors. For the majority of 2020, we shifted our strategy to ...

UH-Maui College is all in


Maui Nui is approaching an almost implausible anniversary — one year since the arrival of COVID-19. We decided early on that UH-Maui College would be “all in.” We would communicate regularly, welcome every innovative idea, partner with the public and private sectors, deploy every resource ...

Restaurants still need our support


Whether you’re ordering won ton mein at Sam Sato’s or macadamia nut-crusted fresh catch at Haliimaile General Store, going out to eat has always been a treat. Like so many things taken for granted before the pandemic, we had no idea how truly special the restaurant experience was. Fresh ...

Reaching for the sky


What has eight arms and can fly? Kimo the Flying Octopus. He’s the multilimbed protagonist of a new children’s picture book of the same name written and illustrated by Kihei resident Alicia Adkins. But wait a minute — octopuses can’t fly, right? So how does Kimo do it? Well, you’ll ...

Questions why Maui’s vaccination lowest

Letters to the Editor

Maui’s vaccination rate is 8.5 percent, far below any other county. What can you do to help bring Maui’s numbers in line with the rest of the state? News agencies need to be the government’s watchdog, and the government is not getting the job done on Maui. It seems once government ...

For the People Act would strenghten democracy

Letters to the Editor

For generations, we’ve been told that money is power. It’s an axiom that continues to drive our politics. Despite being able to vote for our elected officials, once they reach public office, they’re all too often swayed by lobbyists and big money interests. Instead of representing the ...