AG Barr can take the heat


Bill Barr can take the heat and on Tuesday the stalwart Attorney General guaranteed he’ll get it when he said “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.” Mr. Barr told the Associated Press that allegations of ...

Healthwise Maui


Q: Who should get tested for COVID-19? Are tests still being restricted? Recommendations keep changing and it is hard to keep up. Michael Shea, MD, Intensivist & Chief Medical Director, Maui Health: If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you should contact your health ...

Sharing Mana‘o


As a storyteller, my usual repertoire consists of Hawaiian legends and classic folk tales from around the world. Sometimes, when the occasion calls for it, I’ll share an anecdote from my life or someone else’s experience. One of my favorites comes from Kathy Couch, program coordinator at ...

Pledges allegiance to land, these waters, community

Letters to the Editor

As a settler here in Hawaii, I pledge my allegiance to this land, these waters and this community. I pledge to conduct myself with the utmost respect for the Hawaiian people whose land I am on, and for the land itself. I pledge to not exploit the resources or people of Hawaii. I pledge ...

Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center handled Black Friday poorly

Letters to the Editor

Due to COVID-19, no one was to be allowed to wait in line in front of stores. But images show different. At around 4 a.m., hundreds rushed in from all entrances at Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center with no social distancing. Mall management handled this very poorly. Aaron Nishibayashi Lahaina

We are on cusp of losing ambulance stations on Maui

Letters to the Editor

We are on the cusp of losing ambulance stations on Maui. The governor has asked for every county to cut costs in their EMS programs. Other counties will be able to cut EMS programs they were going to add, not affecting what they currently have. Maui county is not so fortunate. The last ...