Tournament leaders

Don Coleman, California 56 points


Don Coleman, California 35

Charles Matthews, Michigan 28

Matt Farrell, Notre Dame 27

Shaquille Morris, Wichita State 25

Rashard Kelly, Wichita State 20 rebounds


Rashard Kelly, Wichita State 10

Sam Hauser, Marquette 9

Charles Matthews, Michigan 8

Matt Heldt, Marquette 8

Markus Howard, Marquette 7 assists

Bonzie Colson, Notre Dame 8


Markus Howard, Marquette 7

Jonathan Williams, VCU 6

Darius McNeill, California 4

Austin Reaves, Wichita State 4

Rex Pflueger, Notre Dame 4

Matt Farrell, Notre Dame 4

Brandon Rachal, LSU 4

Tremont Waters, LSU 4

Austin Pope, Chaminade 4

M-A Abdur-Rahkman, Michigan 4


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