Bears capture team titles, records fall at MIL championships

Kaipo Acain of Baldwin High School smiles after receiving his gold medal for winning the boys 50-yard freestyle Saturday at the MIL championships at Kihei Aquatic Center. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

KIHEI — On a day when four individuals bettered Maui Interscholastic League records, Baldwin High School capped a dominant showing at the MIL swimming and diving championship with one more record-setting mark.

Kaimilani Matsumoto, Bailey Augustine, Rebecca Buenrostro-Gallimore and Kylie Carter touched in 3 minutes, 41.68 seconds to win the girls 400-yard freestyle relay Saturday at Kihei Aquatic Center, trimming more than two seconds off the old all-Maui mark of 3:43.80 set by the Bears last year.

It was a fitting end as the Baldwin girls won their 10th league title in a row and the Bears’ boys won for the seventh straight season. Baldwin scored 65 points in the girls meet, 13 more than Maui Prep, while the Baldwin boys piled up 76 points, more than double the 37 scored by second-place Lahainaluna.

“It is a great day,” Baldwin coach Leighton Hao said. “They know what they wanted, they know what they needed to do, and what had to happen in order for them to win the titles again.”

Matsumoto set the tone early for the Bears with an all-Maui record in the 200 individual medley, finishing in 2:07.57 to best the 2:08.27 that Lahainaluna’s Lexi Anderson swam last year. Matsumoto also won the 100 breaststroke.

The Bears’ Kaimilani Matsumoto swims the backstroke leg of her record-setting win in the girls 200 individual medley. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

“I’m kind of happy about it, I was pretty pleased with my swim,” said Matsumoto, a junior who missed her lifetime best in the 200 IM by about a second. “I was not (thinking about the record). I was just hoping that I could cut some time because I haven’t been swimming as good, so I was really hoping that I could cut time.”

The relay record came just minutes after Maui High freshman Jordynn Brown broke Buenrostro-Gallimore’s record in the 100 backstroke set last year.

“That was great, it’s so great being with the girls and swimming with the girls and doing something as a team,” Matsumoto said. “I was really, really happy and I’m really proud of all of them. It was a real strong finish for the girls.”

The K. Mark Takai State Championships will be at the same Kihei Aquatic Center facility on Feb. 9-10.

Senior Kaipo Acain was the only individual winner for the Baldwin boys Saturday, as he placed first in the 50 and 100 freestyles.

Maui Prep’s Kysha Altura heads to a win in the the girls 200 freestyle Saturday. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

“Pretty exciting to come in first, something I’ve always been practicing for,” said Acain, who rang up his third and fourth individual MIL crowns. “Pretty excited for states here because I’m pretty used to this pool.”

Maui Prep’s Slater Fleck and King Kekaulike’s Austin DeCambra also won two individual events — Fleck placed first in the 200 (1:49.66) and 500 (5:01.95) freestyles, and DeCambra won the 100 butterfly (54.50) and 100 breaststroke (1:00.08).

Brown posted a lifetime best of 57.53 in the 100 backstroke to break Buenrostro-Gallimore’s mark by 0.01 seconds. Buenrostro-Gallimore was second on Saturday in 58.16.

“That’s awesome, it’s so cool,” Brown said of the record. “I was not thinking about that (record) at all. A lot of confidence for states, I feel so much more motivated. I know I can do it at states.”

The other record to fall was bettered by two swimmers — Maui Prep senior Kysha Altura, a double state champion last year, had a time of 51.85 to win the girls 100 free, an event she does not swim often. Aniston Eyre of King Kekaulike was second in 52.03, also below the former record of 52.42 that Altura set last year.

Seabury Hall’s Jasmine O’Brien congratulates Altura on her win. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

Altura, who has already signed a swimming scholarship agreement with Fordham University, won the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle last year at state. She won the 200 free as well on Saturday.

“I really just had a different aspect of the swimming career,” Altura said. “Different events this year. I actually have no idea what I’m going to swim at state, it’s kind of rough.”

She can’t wait to finish her storied prep career on her home island.

“My thinking was just swimming as fast as I can, get those turns and just swim my heart out because it’s my last MILs,” she said. “I want to make everyone proud, especially my mom and my dad and my sister.”

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Lexi Anderson heads to win in the girls 100 butterfly. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo



Saturday’s Results

At Kihei Aquatic Center

Team Scores

Jordynn Brown

Girls–1. Baldwin 65, 2. Maui Prep 52, 3. Seabury Hall 46, 4. Maui High 33, 5. Lahainaluna 23, 6. King Kekaulike 20, 7. Kamehameha Maui 1.

Boys–1. Baldwin 76, 2. Lahainaluna 37, 3. Kamehameha Maui 31, 4. Seabury Hall 23, 5. Maui High 22, 6. King Kekaulike 20, 7. Maui Prep 16, 8. St. Anthony 7, 9. Molokai 2.



Saturday’s Results

At Kihei Aquatic Center

Note: MIL records in BOLD


1-meter diving–1. Skylar Lickle, Seabury Hall, 390.35; 2. Mahana Merrill, Baldwin, 374.40; 3. Kayla Newman, Baldwin, 343.55; 4. Alysha Lia Baysa, Maui High, 316.45; 5. Keana Gulnac, Seabury Hall, 291.80.

200 medley relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Kylie Carter, Kaimilani Matsumoto, Bailey Augustine) 1:51.70, 2. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 1:52.53, 3. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:57.15, 4. Maui Prep ‘A’ 2:02.28, 5. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 2:08.46.

200 freestyle–1. Kysha Altura, Maui Prep, 1:52.43; 2. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 1:53.32; 3. Caroline Short, Maui High, 2:07.25; 4. Olivia Bozich, Maui Prep, 2:09.81; 5. Isabella Omura, Lahainaluna, 2:09.98.

200 IM–1. Kaimilani Matsumoto, Baldwin, 2:07.57; 2. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 2:13.90; 3. Hailey Bogar, Lahainaluna, 2:21.91; 4. Jessica Baker, Baldwin, 2:30.28; 5. Angelina Rakestraw, Lahainaluna, 2:31.94.

50 freestyle–1. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 23.99; 2. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 24.18; 3. Jordynn Brown, Maui High, 24.60; 4. Madison Eiting, Seabury Hall, 25.59; 5. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 25.73.

100 butterfly–1. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 56.78; 2. Kamille Pellettieri, Seabury Hall, 1:01.83; 3. Madison Eiting, Seabury Hall, 1:03.09; 4. Bailey Augustine, Baldwin, 1:04.68; 5. Irie Gonah, Maui Prep, 1:04.77.

100 freestyle–1. Kysha Altura, Maui Prep, 51.85; 2. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 52.03; 3. Katelen Orquia, Maui High, 57.05; 4. Rebecca Geng, Maui Prep, 59.20; 5. Riann Fujihara, Kamehameha Maui, 1:00.11.

500 freestyle–1. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 5:01.43; 2. Caroline Short, Maui High, 5:26.82; 3. Paige Nagahama, Seabury Hall, 5:41.14; 4. Jacsen Donohue, Baldwin, 5:49.08; 5. Olivia Bozich, Maui Prep, 5:51.29.

200 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Paloma Banto, Rebecca Geng, Kysha Altura, Irie Gonah ) 1:42.62, 2. Maui High ‘A’ 1:44.47, 3. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:46.18, 4. Baldwin ‘A’ 1:50.80, 5. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:52.56.

100 backstroke–1. Jordynn Brown, Maui High, 57.53; 2. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 58.16; 3. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 58.48; 4. Bailey Augustine, Baldwin, 1:06.67; 5. Isabella Omura, Lahainaluna, 1:07.01.

100 breaststroke–1. Kaimilani Matsumoto, Baldwin, 1:06.60; 2. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 1:07.76; 3. Kamille Pellettieri, Seabury Hall, 1:08.22; 4. Noelle Sheveland, Maui Prep, 1:10.09; 5. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 1:11.58.

400 freestyle relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Kaimilani Matsumoto, Bailey Augustine, Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Kylie Carter) 3:41.68, 2. Maui Prep ‘A’ 3:45.53, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 3:45.97, 4, Maui High ‘A’ 3:49.61, 5. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 3:56.76.

100 freestyle swim-off–1. Louisa Buckingham, King Kekaulike, 1:02.23; 2. Kyra Franz, Lahainaluna, 1:02.83.


1-meter diving–1. Benton Turner, Baldwin, 320.30; 2. Reece Kikuchi, Baldwin, 214.90.

200 medley relay–1. Lahainaluna ‘A’ (Jordan Beam, Jaden Yip, Kendall Beam, Koa Arnold) 1:50.88, 2. Baldwin ‘A’ 1:51.30, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 1:53.16, 4. Maui High ‘A’ 1:55.12 , 5. Kin Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:56.00.

200 freestyle–1. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 1:49.66; 2. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 1:52.76; 3. Alexander Strand, Baldwin, 2:01.84; 4. Lucas Licht, Baldwin, 2:07.89; 5. Tyler Chaco, Maui High, 2:09.78.

200 IM–1. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 2:06.27; 2. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 2:14.20; 3. Josh Ooka, Baldwin, 2:14.75; 4. Kyler Castillo, Baldwin, 2:25.47; 5. Brandon Yoshikawa, Maui High, 2:35.93.

50 freestyle–1. Kaipo Acain, Baldwin, 22.70; 2. Bernardo Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 22.76; 3. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 23.21; 4. Kendall Beam, Lahainaluna, 23.49; 5. Owen Lingenfelder, Seabury Hall, 23.65.

100 butterfly–1. Austin DeCambra, King Kekaulike, 54.50; 2. Aaren Orquia, Maui High, 56.05; 3. Owen Lingenfelder, Seabury Hall, 58.12; 4. Kendall Beam, Lahainaluna, 1:00.15; 5. Declan Levin, Baldwin, 1:03.72.

100 freestyle–1. Kaipo Acain, Baldwin, 50.32; 2. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 50.77; 3. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 52.42; 4. Jordan Beam, Lahainaluna, 53.35; 5. Alexander Strand, Baldwin, 54.40.

500 freestyle–1. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 5:01.95; 2. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 5:06.72; 3. Josh Ooka, Baldwin, 5:45.69; 4. Kazutaka Iinuma-Nakaaki, Seabury Hall, 6:02.42; 5. Declan Levin, Baldwin, 6:26.64.

200 freestyle relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Alexander Strand, Bernardo Buenrostro Gallimore, Kaipo Acain, Lucas Licht) 1:33.75, 2. Kamehameha Maui ‘A’ 1:35.40, 3. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:36.49, 4. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:39.03, 5. Maui High ‘A’ 1:42.77.

100 backstroke–1. Aaren Orquia, Maui High, 58.97; 2. Kian Leonard, Maui High, 1:03.39; 3. Jordan Beam, Lahainaluna, 1:03.51; 4. Sean Janneck, Seabury Hall, 1:07.15; 5. Lucas Engh, Baldwin, 1:13.62.

100 breaststroke–1. Austin DeCambra, King Kekaulike, 1:00.08; 2. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 1:04.85; 3. Kazutaka Iinuma-Nakaaki, Seabury Hall, 1:11.21; 4. Jalen Kalama, Molokai, 1:12.01; 5. Benton Turner, Baldwin, 1:12.34.

400 freestyle relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Bernardo Buenrostro Gallimore, Alexander Strand, Kaipo Acain, Josh Ooka ) 3:31.28, 2. Kamehameha Maui ‘A’ 3:32.45, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 3:48.27, 4. Maui Prep ‘A’ 3:48.63, 5. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 3:59.96.­

Lahainaluna’s Jaden Yip swims the breaststroke leg of his win in the boys 200 individual medley. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo