Ilihia Keawekane

A Close-up look at Maui County's High School Athletes presented by Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.

• Kamehameha Schools Maui / Grade 12

• GPA: 3.5

• SPORTS: Soccer

• FAMILY: Amos and Mitzie Keawekane of Kahului

• ACTIVITIES: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, spending time with family

• FUTURE PLANS: Studying dermatology at Oregon State University

• SPORTS LESSONS: “Through sports, I have learned hard work, perseverance and discipline. In competition, nothing is given, it is earned. If you want to be great at something, you have to be willing to put in the hard work.”

* Sports Spotlight students are selected by athletic officials from Maui County high schools and these profiles are compiled by the sports department of The Maui News. The Alexander & Baldwin Foundation makes a $200 donation in honor of each student athlete to their high school’s athletic fund.