107th birthday for Kula woman

Margaret O’Connor was born in Seattle in 1911. She celebrated her birthday in Kula with friends and family on Jan. 27.

Margaret O’Connor celebrated her 107th birthday with friends and family, including her son Brian O’Connor of Kihei, on Jan. 27 in Kula. Donning a sparkly tiara, O’Connor opened gifts and cards, ate her birthday cake and enjoyed ice cream. She played along, with good humor, acting surprised throughout the event with every gift she opened.

Friends say O’Connor is always quick to smile, tap her feet to music (sometimes whistle) and pay everyone a compliment. She takes a multivitamin daily and will tell you she’s “just fine” if you ask her how she’s doing. She sometimes ponders why God isn’t ready for her, but the people around her tell her that she brings happiness and laughter to everyone who meets her, so her work isn’t done yet.

Born in Seattle in 1911, O’Connor has seen 19 U.S. presidents in her lifetime and has outlived her husband and two sons. Formerly a registered nurse, she lived in Washington, Indiana, New Jersey and Florida prior to residing on Maui. She is the mother to five sons, over a dozen grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren.

At the end of the celebration, O’Connor thanked everyone for attending her party and said she hopes they’ll all attend next year. She attributes her long life to her belief in God, positive attitude, love of dogs and not getting too stressed.