Be careful how you vote for future district legislators

We all have the right to vote for our local district legislators and we should be very careful on our next Election Day. Our present Maui legislators let Maui and the other Neighbor Islands down by allowing Honolulu’s controversial rail project to be passed.

On Aug. 28, there was a very close vote to increase the transient accommodation tax by another 1 percent to give the green light on passing the ill-fated Honolulu rail system. Not only does the extra 1 percent not go for improving the continuation of our most important economic source of income which is tourism, it is going to be a continuing financial loss as the rail system will never be able to pay for itself.

We on the Neighbor Islands as well as the state will not even be in control of the Honolulu rail system that most likely will be way over budget at our Neighbor Island expense. The City and County of Honolulu will be in control of the Honolulu rail system.

Please ask your local district legislators who voted yes on Aug. 28 why they allowed this to happen. We on Maui will have to have our property taxes raised as this will cause a shortfall of funds to the County of Maui to cover Maui’s budget.

Better yet, ask yourself why you voted for these legislators who are not fighting for improving the state highway system on Maui which we deserve to have as taxpayers.

Monte D. Fitts