Vote the good ol’ boys out of office; choose carefully

When you decide on the candidate you want to hire as our new mayor of Maui County, please take into account how he or she will be choosing appointed department directors and deputies. At least one of the candidates (who will declare candidacy shortly) would like to keep many of the good ol’ boys and girls working in our government.

Frankly, I’m tired of the good ol’ boys and ready for an honest candidate. I’d like to see less nepotism, less corruption, fewer dollars spent on Mainland and world travel, fewer p-card problems and more honest work getting done. I’d like to get some appointed officials who answer their phones, stay awake in meetings and are open and honest with the community.

Watch the candidates closely, watch who tags along with them at parties, who picks them up at the airport, who are the “hangers-on.” Many are current appointees who are not working very hard for the community and hoping to get reappointed to their $100,000 jobs.

Let’s elect a mayor who actually cares about our county this time, one who wants to help the community and not just a handful of cronies. Vote the good ol’ boys out of office — choose carefully!

Karin Phaneuf