More to the Las Vegas story than what’s reported

It appears conspiracies can be discussed if they are 16 years old, but not 16 days. I am disturbed by The Maui News’ one-sided coverage of the alleged mass murder in Las Vegas.

One doesn’t have to look very deep to discover massive incongruities, anomalies and lies in the published narrative. This latest installment in terror has all the hallmarks of a staged propaganda event, similar to Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and the Orlando Pulse event, complete with a prepared script, a dead patsy, concurrent FEMA drills, crisis actors, conflicting stories and an army of paid, professional debunkers.

Few are aware that in 2013 the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 was repealed, a law that prevented the government from using the same fear and propaganda tactics used on foreign regimes on the American public. It is now legal and acceptable for them to stage hoax events and pretend mass shootings in order to sway public opinion and enact repressive and unconstitutional legislation.

There are millions of us and a very few of them, but they are organized and motivated. They need our permission to take away our rights. They require a consensus before proceeding to completely eviscerate our freedom, country and way of life.

The antidote is education. Look at the evidence of a differing opinion. You have at your fingertips the great invention of the internet. The information is voluminous. You have only to see and take your own conclusions.

Steve Smith