Residents are still being locked out of park

In 2012, the homeowners and board members of Kehalani subdivision appealed to the Maui County Council to ask that they please unlock the gate at the lovely park across from the prison, located on Waiale Road. Mike White and other council members promised us that the park would be open “soon.”

Since then the park has been dedicated to the county but for some reason the gates are still locked. The park is being mowed and watered and a better drainage system was installed, but no one has been allowed in except for some goats. That was five years ago.

I’d like to appeal to our County Council to please, please, please open up the gates to that park. It is no different from other “drainage basin” parks located in other parts of the island.

We have new council members now and I am hoping that they will investigate why the residents of Kehalani are still being locked out of this great park. This park was part of the deal when we bought our homes and was approved by Maui County when the subdivision was approved back in 1996.

Karin Phaneuf