Trump divides America as only he knows how

If you get dialysis, like lots of people in Hawaii do, you’d better take notice of what is happening on another American island, Puerto Rico. There are now dead American citizens who lived for years on kidney dialysis, until the power went out from a hurricane.

Trump explained: Puerto Rico “is an island, in the middle of an ocean, a really big ocean, OK?” That is Trump, dividing America as only he knows how. Puerto Rico, an island populated by brown-skinned people, is apparently not an easy place to provide gas, diesel fuel and drinking water, or to fly to and from, 20 minutes from Miami, and not easy to get ships to.

Seventy-three years ago, we invaded Europe at Normandy and chased out the Nazis within a year. But in 2017, it has become very difficult to evacuate the sick, and to provide drinking water and fuel, to an island, in peacetime.

We live on American islands in the middle of a bigger ocean, and we have lots of brown skin here. And Trump, who to this day doesn’t know the difference between Hawaii and Kenya, will be there for us the same way he is there for our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Until we get a new government in D.C., we’d better be ready to be ignored if we get hit by a storm, or a bomb from North Korea. Trump has made his intentions and his motives very clear.

Rick Tolin