Welfare fraud yields no justice for taxpayers

Regarding the Oct. 1 story in The Maui News of a woman convicted of welfare fraud in the amount of $40,000 over four years, where’s the “social justice”? At the $75 per month ordered for restitution, it’s going to take her 45 years to pay that back, assuming 0 percent interest. I and every other taxpayer paid into that $40,000 without any choice in the matter.

It also stated she is now pregnant with her fifth child. Since Obamacare supplies “free” birth control and she’s already so financially distressed she decided to rob taxpayer money, how could that be? So much for personal responsibility and being held accountable for her actions. I guess since our politicians seem to be no longer accountable for their actions, citizens should not have to be either, right?

Her right to welfare benefits will be suspended for the four years she’s on probation. Shouldn’t it be withheld until she at least pays back what she stole, especially since her husband reported making up to $200,000 over the same four years she was robbing taxpayers? No wonder our national debt is $20,000,000,000,000 — people look at the government as a source of free funds yet the only way the government can generate money is taxing the people.

One has to wonder: How many others are doing the same thing and getting away with it?

Larry Quimby