Student misses opportunity because of broken system

I am compelled to share my story in regard to my grandson. I am baffled by a system that is both corrupted and broken.

As a grandmother, it saddens me that he, along with several other students who have worked so hard to accomplish their driver’s education program with the DOE, have failed due to a battery problem with the driver’s education vehicle. I have contacted proper authorities in finding a solution to a simple problem that could have easily been corrected.

It is now nine months later, the car is finally fixed, a new instructor hired, and my grandson graduated from Hana High School in May of 2017. Leaving him with only five hours more behind the wheel to obtain his driver’s license has led to many challenges. A once-in-lifetime opportunity rarely comes easy when it comes to work for the county Public Works Highway Division in Hana, or any other government job. For this young man, his dream and future after graduating was to work for the county in Hana.

Thanks to a broken system, he was forced to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime when he was recently selected for an interview to work for the county in Hana because he could not submit his driver’s license at that time.

But like they say, when one door closes another one always opens. Thank you to our new hired driver instructor, Kurt, at Hana School. You are giving our children hope again.

Lehua Cosma