Where is the high school Ing says we have achieved?

Where is our high school? I remember the groundbreaking for the new Kihei high school and wondered where all of the money went that was set aside to begin the project.

Looking back, I found a quote from state Rep. Kaniela Ing which read: “As I knocked on doors in my neighborhood, people have made it clear that this is South Maui’s top priority,” said Rep. Kaniela Ing (Kihei, Wailea, Makena), who has advocated for this project since he was first elected in 2012. “As my o’o hit the ground, I couldn’t help but get emotional. We have achieved the number one goal that we have set out to do. The people of South Maui should be very proud of themselves.”

Now he wants to be in Congress. I would just like to see him put the money where his mouth is, promises, promises, almost sounds like a typical politician, and this makes me emotional when I hear someone in high office that tells the people what they want to hear, but doesn’t deliver.

We should all be asking this question regarding all of our elected officials, wouldn’t you say?

Bill Armstrong