Mayor Arakawa should bring water director back

Mayor Alan Arakawa should allow qualified engineer Dave Taylor go back to work as our director of the Department of Water Supply.

The County Council has voted to reinstate him, citizens have testified in favor of him, the mayor has brought forward no evidence of any wrongdoing on Taylor’s part, and it’s simply outrageous that the hardworking taxpayers of Maui County are footing the bill for his six-figure salary while the mayor keeps him sitting at home.

While the mayor keeps Gladys Baisa at the helm of our water supply, there is no engineer in a leadership capacity there, and Ms. Baisa is complaining in The Maui News of Jan. 4 that the department is short on staffing.

Maui is wondering what is up the mayor’s sleeve. Bring Mr. Taylor back!

Mele Stokesberry