Voters need to make their thoughts known

It should be the voters’ decision.

Approximately four months ago a contingent of Maui residents met with Yuki Lei Sugimura, County Council member chairing the Policy, Economic and Agricultural Committee, to present documentation on the benefits of a professional county manager/managing director for Maui County. The request was made that Yuki Lei put the subject on the council agenda for open discussion as a great many Maui residents, many council members and most of the upcoming mayoral candidates support the professional county manager concept.

The eventual end game of this discussion is for the council to allow an initiative to be put on the ballot so that every voter can make an informed choice as to the type of government Maui County is to have and the degree of professionalism, transparency and effectiveness it will provide.

To date, Yuki Lei has seen fit not to allow the entire council to discuss as well as public testimony to be allowed on the subject of the county manager concept. What’s worse is Maui County residents are being denied the ability to vote on the kind of government they want. This situation is pure politics and not befitting our representatives.

Instead, Yuki Lei contents herself with writing job descriptions for directors. A job much better done by a professional county manager.

What can we voters do? Make your thoughts known. Contact your council member and state your mindset and opinion. Remember, we only get the kind of government that we stand up for!

Ray Phillips