Don’t blame NRA for government’s failure

As a lifetime member of the NRA, I take it very offensively that everybody is blaming the NRA for the actions of the government to protect them from the mentally disturbed 19-year-old who killed all the innocent students in the Florida school.

The FBI was warned, the sheriff’s department was warned, the school was warned three times and even his girlfriend expressed concern to the school of his mentally disturbed state. How much warning do they need? And to say it’s the NRA’s fault, come on people. We need more screening of the mental state of our citizens, don’t blame the guns, there are millions of responsible gun owners in the U.S.

I am a highly trained NRA instructor who holds every certification available and the NRA’s mission or goal is to train our citizens to be trained and highly responsible gun owners, period! We need more availability to further screen people for mental illness and deny them access to firearms and we will have to make exceptions in the health-privacy law for it to work.

Steve W. Kear