Replacing cesspools is the right thing to do

Can we get a reality check on some recent issues: County Council banning sunscreen vs. Upcountry cesspools? How is it that people are so eager to pass an unenforceable and unproven ban on sunscreens that are supposedly killing our reefs, yet local residents balk at ending the long-standing practice of pumping untreated sewage into the ground?

Seriously, people, how can you claim to care about the aina and yet not want to replace your cesspool? I know $20k is a lot of money, but one would think a crafty local bank could figure out some special financing for the thousands of Upcountry residents affected to tap $20k of their equity, a mere 2 percent of the current average home sales price on Maui, in the next 30 years by the date that state law requires the replacement of the cesspools.

I don’t understand how it can really be a controversy, folks. It’s the right thing to do.

Loren E. Clive