Justin Hughey an advocate for education, affordable housing

Speaking as an individual and a teacher, I support Justin Hughey for state House representative for District 8.

If you care about public education, vote Hughey — he’s a special education teacher, outgoing vice president of Hawaii State Teachers Association and a fierce advocate for students, working tirelessly to ensure adequate funding and legislative support for our public schools and our keiki. His expertise in the field of special education means he’s well equipped to protect and provide for our most vulnerable.

If you care about affordable housing, vote Hughey — as a past officer of Na Hale O Maui, he has experience making affordable housing happen, and has innovative ideas for securing Hawaii for locals and protecting it from investors and developers who serve only themselves and wealthy invaders.

If you care about labor, vote Hughey — he supports strong unions and a livable wage for all. With the Supreme Court Janus decision, labor is under attack and we need seasoned labor activists in the Legislature. Justin will fight to protect unions and collective bargaining rights through legislation.

If you care about justice, vote Hughey — he fights for economic and legal justice for all, and to right the wrongs done to kanaka maoli from the illegal overthrow to the present day. He speaks truth to power and speaks against institutional and structural racism.

His father, who served in Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department, named him after Justinian, the Roman “giver of the law.”

Put a teacher in the House. Vote Hughey in District 8!

David Negaard



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