Victim of elder abuse ready to minister again

As I became a certified paralegal, a notary and prison chaplain in 1999, I read that the Office on Violence Against Women is a component of the U.S. Department of Justice. OVW helps provide victims with the protection and services to pursue safe and healthy lives. Also, I learned about elder abuse of individuals aged 60 or older. The elder abuse has inflicted me with injury, unreasonable confinement and intimidation with resulting harm, pain and mental anguish.

Volunteering in the criminal and civil justice system since 1984, little did I expect to be harmed in July 2015 by another volunteer in the facility, by a bully waving arms over my body and him yelling in my head. I have been in medical care from the emergency room to the many doctors to stop the pain and damage in my body these last three years. God has been my witness and I have forgiven others who did not believe me.

With facts and truth, I am healed and ready to continue ministering in any facility today! Please continue to keep all volunteers in prayer. Ephesians 4: 15-16, joined and held together for the head, the Christ, not a man, each of us working properly together, building all up in love, not bullying! Serve God.

Chaplain Henrietta Pualani Hashimoto