Identity politics does not fit well in Hawaii

Identity politics, if it continues, will destroy the form in which we govern ourselves.

Within the front-page article of The Maui News on Feb. 23, “County Council votes down three director nominees,” there was a troubling statement that Council Member Keani Rawlins-Fernandez made: “I’m not saying that Mr. (David) Goode himself is racist. It’s the structure and the system that is racist. “

At the end of the day, some members reversed their support and denied Mr. Goode the position of Public Works director with a vote of 6 to 3.

If identity politics is the mindset of the council, how far into our governmental system will their punitive actions extend?

Isolating Mr. Goode from the executive hierarchy and demonizing him for the actions of the system is radical. Targeting a county employee this way should not be the means to justify one’s position.

Those who were swayed by Rawlins-Fernandez’s remarks should reconsider their vote. Identity politics does not fit well in Hawaii.

Greg Kauwe