Clingerman wins Maui Open black-belt ‘superfight’

James Clingerman (in blue, first photo) of Indianapolis heads to a win over Jeremiah Grossman of Haiku in a Maui Open “superfight” black-belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu match Sunday at Baldwin High School’s Jon Garcia Gym in Wailuku. Clingerman took part in the bout after learning of the event upon his arrival on Maui for a friend’s wedding. The tournament, part of the Hawaii Triple Crown, had approximately 150 youth and adult participants. Second photo: Tracey Goodell tries to maintain control of Joelly Lobato de Faria on the way to a victory. Makana Godwin (in blue, third photo) heads to a win over Stormy Smith. Uilani Freitas (top, fourth photo) faces Lynnayah Bisutti — Freitas won the match. James McCall (top, fifth photo) heads to a victory over Braydon Cabanilla. Sixth photo: Shadd Blando grapples with Daisy Rain Austin en route to a victory.

The Maui News / BRAD SHERMAN photos