Liquor Commission misses chance to curb drunk driving

It’s extremely sad and tragic to see so many alcohol-related traffic fatalities over the past few months. With each of these events comes a catastrophic string of loss and grief for the many people impacted by the event. It is important for individuals to make responsible choices to not drink and drive, but there are also government bodies in place within our county that can help keep our roads safe and DUI-free. The Maui County Department of Liquor Control is one such body.

During last month’s liquor commission meeting, the commission had a great opportunity to protect our roadways by passing a law that would only allow patrons at restaurants and bars to be served one drink at a time. Advocates of the rule who showed up to testify at the meeting insisted that one drink at a time would slow drinking in order to save lives.

Instead, the commission passed a very confusing rule that allows multiple drinks to be served to an individual at a time. Allowing a person to have multiple drinks at a time equates to more drinking, more drunk drivers on our roads and more alcohol-related harms in our community.

It is time the liquor commission prioritizes the interests of our community’s health over the interests of the alcohol industry. You have a duty and responsibility to our people to create liquor laws that protect our people. I implore you to take this responsibility to heart in your future decision-making.

Ann Collins