Trump the worst racist? The facts say otherwise

According to Dean Baquet of the New York Times, his paper will shift its next campaign of unbiased news reporting from the previous one of trying to frame Donald Trump with Russian collusion to trying to smear him as a white supremacist racist. Since it is almost impossible for any organization to be wrong every single time they attempt something, an examination of Trump’s racist past may be prudent.

Unlike his success as a business negotiator, Trump is an abysmal failure at racism. It should be apparent to any competent racist that it is counterproductive to donate thousands of dollars to African American causes over decades and to work successfully to reduce the unemployment rate for all minority groups.

However, his main blunder was to naively throw open the doors of his newly purchased Mar-a-Lago Country Club in 1997 to African Americans, Jewish people and gay persons. This was unprecedented and he was roundly criticized by all the other country club managers in America for this rash act.

The attack was especially harsh from the white social elites of Palm Beach, Fla. What a jerk he was for not considering the damage that he was doing to established social order, and worse yet is that other clubs began to follow his lead and to relax their strict protective racial policies. That is why he deserves the sobriquet of “Worst racist in America.” Shame! Shame! Shame!

Dan Speas



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