Sad but grateful for The Maui News

Are you sad but grateful for all the experiences you have had? I invented and defined the word sateful, a combination of the words sad and grateful. That is how I will feel after having subscribed to this paper for many years, but I can no longer afford the cost of a subscription. Thank you for many years of pleasurable and informative reading.

I will get my news on TV or online. Occasionally I may pick up a copy of The Maui News.

Whether President Trump gets impeached or not, I may someday run for mayor again, with the goal of creating Mauitopia. I got 674 votes previously but would have needed 4,000 to get first or second place in the primary election, and then would have needed to win the general election.

Perhaps my time will come in 2022 or 2026. I want to transform all of Maui into the ideal society (for a full description, download for free the pamphlet at mauitopia.org).

In Mauitopia, there would be no violent crime, we would do what we love, and we would all live aloha. We will make Maui truly no ka oi!

Sometimes we will feel sateful.

Ori Kopelman



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