Many reasons to leave, many more to stay here

After spending 20 wonderful years here in paradise, I regret to say that I am leaving Maui.

I’m saying goodbye to the ridiculously silly and unrealistic speed limits on our four-lane highways, which only are meant to enrich the police daily quotas.

I’m saying goodbye because so many Maui restaurants and eateries do not have bathroom facilities, and the majority of those which do, will not allow noncustomers to use them because they don’t want to spend the extra cash to install locks or to allow time to be spent on normal maintenance.

I’m saying goodbye because, even though there is a “no-nicotine smoking” law on all of our beaches, “Maui’s Finest” do not enforce those laws, thus spoiling the wonderful, fresh, tradewind sunsets for beachgoers.

I’m leaving the island because I see more and more construction and greedy developers, plus a gazillion cars on the roadways driven by all the new haoles from the Mainland who don’t respect our aloha — zigzagging, passing, cutting off everyone as they rush to get nowhere — fast!

Actually, I lied.

I am leaving this beautiful island because I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of my newly born grandchildren in California, and I want to watch them grow!

That is the only possible reason I would ever leave this incredibly wonderful Maui paradise!

Charles Laquidara



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