Joe Biden is no match for President Trump

In the March 24 Maui News, there’s a letter titled “Reasons to dump Trump far too many to count.”

The Haiku letter writer, who identified himself in his June 14, 2019 letter as “formerly a journalist and an assistant to former mayor Linda Lingle,” accuses the president of everything except stealing his car.

In his June 14, 2019 letter titled “Why I Support Joe Biden,” he says, “It’s simple — Joe Biden is the Democrat most able to beat Trump.”

The SS Biden is nearly dead in the water. Biden is demonstrating evidence of dementia.

As Peter Schweizer points out in chapter 3 of his well-documented book “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” Biden is a lightweight and a moron. His resume, outside of the graft, grift and corruption that he’s made available for his wildly unethical, if not downright criminal, brother and son, is pretty banal. He’s not quick on his feet. Any understanding of issues based on his experience is stunningly absent.

After President Trump banned flights from China, Biden called him “xenophobic.” Experts say that travel ban saved American lives.

As I wrote in my March 6 letter, I don’t think the Democratic establishment will let Sleepy Joe lead the Democratic ticket in November. It seems the selection of an outsider candidate in a brokered convention is their strategy.

Sixty percent of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of Wuhan coronavirus.

Trump has to like his 2020 reelection odds.

Dan Evert



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