County beaches epicenter for Maui virus spread?

Our mayor believes 70 percent of residents are obeying the health emergency rules as stated in a March 30th press conference, so what are the other 30 percent doing?

They are at the county beaches, in particular South Maui beaches. Far too many people, tourists and residents alike, are using the excuse of “exercising” to flock to county beaches.

From Keawakapu (the worst) to Palauea to Po’olenalena and Maluaka, several hundred are there every day. The beach sand and water may be open, but the county land which one must cross to get to that open sand and water is definitely closed and cannot be crossed.

Going to the beach is not an “essential” right, it is a privilege. A privilege that must be curtailed or greatly lessened for awhile, so as not to unwittingly spread the virus.

We need to strongly enforce the rule of not crossing closed county property to access beaches. There are plenty of non-county beaches one can use.

We “all” need to do our part and stay home as much as possible.

Barry Nelson



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