Thanks to Maui hospital, patient can walk again

Thank you, Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I had back pain for a while that continued until I couldn’t walk. Like many of us, the COVID horror stories made me scared to go to the hospital, even though I was in pain. I laid on my living room floor for five days. Finally, it got to the point where I couldn’t stand at all, so I called the ambulance.

As they rolled me into the ER, I still did not want to be there. Long story short, I’m now the biggest advocate for that place. Our hospital is full of caring people improving lives of people like me every day. And they have ono food.

For anyone in a similar, unbearable situation, go to the hospital if you have to. Don’t be afraid. They are there to care for us, and that is what they are doing. There is heroic work happening at our hospital every single day. Because of them, I can walk again.

Alan Takitani



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