If plan fails, we end up back where we started

People get ready, there’s a plane a comin’. It may be a slow plane for a while, but it will no doubt impact what has become the “new normal” here on Maui — for better or for worse.

The question is, will it be a pretest or a pre-mess? Obviously, our island cannot survive indefinitely without visitors. Are we really taking enough steps, though, to assure the whole program won’t crash and burn and only cause us to press the restart button a few weeks or months down the road?

The current 72-hour pretest plan has more holes in it than a sack of donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Consider the following:

It is a known fact that all of the COVID-19 testing methods have about a 20 percent false read, both positive and negative. The pretest is optional, and travelers can still choose the 14-day quarantine instead, many with plans to ignore it. They will be traveling on the same plane as those who were tested. Since we know infected people are often asymptomatic, the pretest will be no guarantee that COVID-19 won’t be arriving on that plane as well.

All our mayors, except Caldwell on Oahu, have supported a second test upon arrival with a three-to-four-day mandatory quarantine for test results. Ige, Green and company have rejected that plan; the power brokers on Oahu will have none of that.

If the plan fails, we will end up right back where we started.

Michael Blaz



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