Vacation rental owners want even playing field

Tourism is vital to the local economy, and vacation rentals are a critical aspect of the industry.

They are portals through which guests can avail themselves to the sights and experiences the Maui community has to offer — all while frequenting and supporting local businesses.

Vacation rental owners deserve input on regulations concerning the future of their properties. These essential businesses are vital to reopening efforts in the state.

Vacation rentals offer clean, socially distant spaces for guests to responsibly enjoy time off.

Vacation rentals should be allowed to open on the same timeframe as hotels and resorts.

After all, many traditional accommodations such as hotels and resorts do not offer socially distant amenities, presenting risks to travelers, workers, and neighbors.

Property owners like myself have taken extra steps to ensure the safety of our vacation rental guests; we are responsible reopening partners in the recovery.

As valuable drivers of local economic activity, vacation rental owners want an even playing field and a way forward. Any policies involving our businesses should accommodate input from all stakeholders involved in the issue.

Gloria Simmons



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