Most living in fear as rich get richer

Our public schools have been closed since March, but private schools are in full swing. The parents that have enough money to send their kids to private school right now are putting their children in a position to be socially, mentally and academically way ahead of our youth in public schools.

Tourists can fill beaches and restaurants while our youth are being neglected with limited social interaction, no sports, clubs, extracurricular activities.

Unemployment has been at an all-time high. Who are the people unemployed? The lower-middle class and poor. How many wealthy individuals do you know who were laid off? The wealthy continue to work from the comfort of their home getting richer, while the poor patiently wait and wonder when they will get their much-needed unemployment from an outdated system to make rent.

Our state is continually going after small businesses that are hanging on by a thread to stay open. If a business makes a choice to not wear a mask, simply do not support them.

Why don’t you use some of the millions from the last stimulus to expand ICU beds?

Have you seen the beaches over the holidays? Hard enough to get a parking spot, let alone stay six feet away from a burnt tourist with no mask on. Limiting restaurants to 30 percent occupancy? Who is that going to help? The single mother who gets put back on unemployment and has to wait three months to get paid by unemployment?

Andrew Mantz



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